TifBlair Centipede


TifBlair Centipede is a variety of Centipede that has proven strong during various tests, showing improved cold tolerance. This aggressive seed sends out longer runners than a majority of Centipede options, meaning it chokes out weeds and other grasses at a higher rate.

  • Less MowingLess Mowing
  • Cold TolerantCold Tolerant
  • High TrafficLow Fertility

  • Improved cold tolerance = can be grown in Zone 7.
  • Slow shoot growth = reduced mowing.
  • Certified variety = consistent color and texture.
  • Tolerant of poor, acidic soils = needs little nitrogen or lime.
  • Medium-width, soft leaf blade = easily mowed with rotary mower.
  • Stolons only = easily edged around borders.
  • Warm-season variety suited for Hardiness Zones 7B, 8A and 8B.

Best Uses

  • Landscape: low-maintenance lawns and commercial landscapes.
  • Public Parks.
  • Highway rights-of-way.

Best Management Practices

  • Sunlight Requirement: Best performance with at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Mowing: Best maintained at 1.5″ to 2.5″ (rotary mower).
  • Fertility: Recommended 0.5 to 1.5 lbs. N/1,000 ft2 /year (best at 0.5 to 1 lb., as over-fertilization contributes to thatch development and disease problems). Thrives in acidic soil with 5.5 pH level.
  • Weed Control: All herbicides labeled for use on centipedegrass can be safely applied to SodStar’s TifBlair centipedegrass. Always follow label instructions for herbicides.
  • Disease Control: Centipedegrass is not susceptible to most common turfgrass diseases. Always follow label instructions for fungicides.


Looking for the typical low-maintenance attributes of centipedegrass, but need a variety with more cold tolerance than the common type? TifBlair was engineered for just that reason — to extend its growth range up into the middle and eastern areas of Virginia.

TifBlair’s slow vertical growth means less mowing; its thick lateral growth crowds out most weeds; and it requires very little fertilizer. Plus, its deeper root system makes it more cold and drought tolerant than common centipede, and it holds its color longer in the fall.

Reduced inputs, plus numerous natural strengths, make TifBlair the environmentally friendly, easy-care choice. It’s a win-win for everyone.

SodStar’s Quality Assurance —State Certified Sod

Blue Tag Certified

All of our sod has met the bar for genetic purity and uniformity

Choosing certified sod is the only way you can be certain that the variety you receive is exactly what you purchased. SodStar produces only “Blue Tag” certified TifBlair centipedegrass sod in accordance with state certification standards and protocols, ensuring genetic purity and uniformity, and a certification tag accompanies every order.


Released in 2001, TifBlair centipedegrass was developed by renowned turfgrass researcher and geneticist Dr. Wayne Hanna at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Georgia.

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SodStar’s Quality Assurance —State Certified Sod

Blue Tag Certified

All of our sod has met the bar for genetic purity and uniformity



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