End of Season Equipment Checklist

End of Season Equipment Checklist

Nov 3rd 2023

Once the grass has stopped growing for the winter, you can celebrate the end of mowing season, but not until you’ve properly prepared your mower and other equipment for hibernation.

Here are a few steps to winterizing your mower:

  • Clean your mower. Don’t leave dried mud and grass all winter, give it a good wash to protect the body and engine parts.
  • Drain the gasoline. Old gasoline can cause difficulty starting in the spring.
  • Replace or clean the air filter. This is a simple step for better performance.
  • Change the spark plug. This should be done yearly to prevent stalling.
  • Sharpen the blades. Ensure the best even cut and efficiency with sharp blades.

Following those steps can make this winter and next spring run much more smoothly. Just like any other equipment, mowers need careful attention if they are to continue running smoothly when the grass starts to grow again next spring.

Before you put your feet up to enjoy a break from regular mowing, make sure you set yourself up for spring success by performing these simple but important maintenance tasks.