Irrigation System Winterization

Irrigation System Winterization

Nov 9th 2023

Irrigation system winterization is a process that helps protect your underground pipes in cold weather. Typically it is performed around the time grass goes dormant for the fall/winter season. The main objective is to remove any remaining water from the pipes and valves so that when a hard freeze occurs, the pipes aren’t damaged or burst.

There are numerous resources online that provide instruction for DIY winterization, but professional services also exist for this process. It is important to make sure this task is completed properly to protect your investment in an irrigation system.

The basic overview of this service should include:

  • Turn off the water (the main valve for your system)
  • Switch off your timer
  • Clear water from the system (automatic, manual, or blow out)
  • Insulate exposed components

Many homeowners delay planning this service until later in the fall, and it may become urgent to have it done before an unexpected cold front means overnight lows near freezing. Don’t be caught out in the cold – plan for your irrigation winterization before the mercury drops.